Greetings, all.
I recently set out to create a wireless gateway, out of one of my servers.
I ran across a PCIe card that had the Realtek 8188CE chip on it, and upon
further investigation, indicated it was a pretty capable chip indeed. So I
looked in hopes of finding FreeBSD supported it. While not listed in
HARDWARE.txt anywhere. I did find quite a bit of evidence that it was
indeed supported (via rtwn(4)). So I ordered one. It just arrived, and I loaded
in loader.conf(5):

But further installation seems to indicate that (at least in RELENG_11) that
the rtwn(4) driver is (only?) intended for dongles (USB), and not the PCIe
version(s) of the RTL8188CE chipset. Is this true? If so, is the work on
CURRENT (12), which *does* appear to support the RTL8188CE, (back)portable
to 11? Normally, I'd find it fairly trivial to back port the changes, but I
see what appears to be a complete re-organization to the network infrastructure
where drivers are concerned.
I'm not on 12, and can't make the jump yet. So here's hoping.

Thank you for all your time, and consideration.


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