On 12/06/2016 21:48, adrian.chadd at gmail.com (Adrian Chadd) wrote:

ry compiling with IEEE80211_DEBUG and then wlandebug +crypto +assoc +state

let's see if it's something to do with going rx deaf, or RX crypto errors:(

Today I stumbled upon another network that fails with the same symptom, loss of IP connectivity. Nothing new is printed at and after the moment of failure, see below.


wlan0: start running, 0 vaps running
wlan0: ieee80211_start_locked: up parent run0
run0: firmware RT3071 ver. 0.33 loaded
wlan0: start running, 1 vaps running
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: INIT -> SCAN (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
wlan0: ieee80211_newstate_cb: INIT -> SCAN arg 0
wlan0: sta_newstate: INIT -> SCAN (0)
wlan0: [00:23:33:20:5d:94] station assoc via MLME
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: SCAN -> AUTH (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
wlan0: ieee80211_newstate_cb: SCAN -> AUTH arg 192
wlan0: sta_newstate: SCAN -> AUTH (192)
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: AUTH -> ASSOC (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
wlan0: ieee80211_newstate_cb: AUTH -> ASSOC arg 0
wlan0: sta_newstate: AUTH -> ASSOC (0)
wlan0: [00:23:33:20:5d:94] assoc success at aid 1: short preamble, short slot time, QoS
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: ASSOC -> RUN (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
wlan0: ieee80211_newstate_cb: ASSOC -> RUN arg 16
wlan0: sta_newstate: ASSOC -> RUN (16)
wlan0: link state changed to UP
wlan0: ieee80211_crypto_newkey: cipher 3 flags 0x3 keyix 65535
wlan0: ieee80211_crypto_setkey: AES-CCM keyix 0 flags 0x103 mac 00:23:33:20:5d:94 rsc 0 tsc 0 len 16
wlan0: ieee80211_crypto_newkey: cipher 1 flags 0x6 keyix 1
wlan0: ieee80211_crypto_setkey: TKIP keyix 1 flags 0x106 mac ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff rsc 0 tsc 0 len 16

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