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>   Dear Experts,We are using  QCA9592-AR1B ( WPEA-252NI ) in one of our 
> products and it supports 802.11bgn. There is a requirement to support the 
> following standards:-802.11k802.11v and802.11r.Do we have the driver patches 
> to support these standards? Please let me know how to go about this.Thanks & 
> regardsSandeep Suresh.

Most of the stuff you ask here is already part of the current hostapd and has
nearly nothing to do with ath9k.

There are some things in 802.11v which would require driver support but I am
guessing that you are not actually requiring these parts of the kitchen sink
802.11 amendment. Your list of amendments look more like you want to support
some features to allow better roaming for Apple (and similar) devices.
Spoiler: They also don't support most of WNM (regardless of what Cisco tells

The other thing which comes to my mind which is driver specific in 802.11v
would be BSS Max idle period management - but this is supported by mac80211
since ages.

I would recommend to get in contact with the hostapd people for more details.

Kind regards,

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