The 11ac support has been slowly leaking into -HEAD as I write it. I'm
only testing STA mode right now and trying to make sure it doesn't
introduce any regressions.

If you can run -HEAD and keep up to date then please do that and let
me know if wifi goes weird for you. Again, it should be a very large
no-op right now.

I have a few things to wrap up right now (VHT basic MCS sets, figuring
out why it's trying to add VHT IEs on 2GHz, etc) before I land this in

It's also reminded me that there are some very large holes in the 11n
support (channel width change/notification, correct driver handling of
that, operating mode changes, MIMO powersave change/notification, etc)
so I'll likely take a detour through that after all of this and at
least get callbacks into the driver layer so full offload chips can do
their thing.

Also - it's only STA support for now, not hostap, IBSS, mesh, WDS, and
anything else. Oh, and monitor mode does already work, which is making
debugging a lot easier.


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