--- Comment #15 from Robin Randhawa <> ---
(In reply to Alan Somers from comment #14)

Before I rebuild kernels and deploy to get you the pre-suspend ifconfig output,
I thought I'll share my thoughts on your second question, lest it mean I don't
have to go through the deployment cycle (which is not a problem - just a little
bit of bother).

So I'm pretty sure that a "$ service netif restart" invocation will end up
taking the lagg interface down via the /etc/rc.conf cloned_interface="lagg0"
specification. AFAICT, that means that the netif rc.d glue will end up invoking
clone_down() [See /etc/network.subr] which looks like it does indeed tear the
lagg interface down.

Does that imply that your patch will need some mods in order to accomodate
things ? Please do let me know and I'll follow through as needed.

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