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(In reply to Neptunium from comment #4)

Off hand, I do not know an elegant way.  Let me give it a try.

The way I outlined will automatically switch the wlan0 interface to any 802.11
found in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf.  If they are not found, it will not switch

I am puzzled by the "ssid ABCDEFG" you have there.  That seems redundant as
wpa_supplicant will change it for any network found and authenticated.  Have
you tried your pre-11 configuration without it?  Perhaps, wpa_supplicant, in
FreeBSD 11, is not looking for networks if it is already set?  Also, you are
missing the DHCP tag unless that is by design.

Do you use lagg(4)?  You seem to be attempting to do something similar to what
it can do.  Do you want to tie the wired NIC into the equation?

This is unrelated to being more elegant, but you could change the:
> ifconfig | grep wlan0
> ifconfig -l | grep wlan0
You want a static IP.  Is that always the same IP?  If yes, you can use an
alias.  Try this:

ifconfig_wlan0="DHCP WPA"
ifconfig_wlan0_alias0="inet netmask"

If you decide to use lagg(4), then you can add the alias to the lagg device
instead of wlan.

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