* You want to run fft_eval before you run 'start', or it'll not get any samples
* there were issues in the ar9380 HAL for spectral scan, which I fixed
* i fixed some tool/driver issues
* i fixed issues in the ath_radar_stuff github repository

So, please update tools/tools/ath, sys/dev/ath, sys/contrib/dev/ath,
and the ath-radar_stuff repository and re-try.

The main thing that doesn't work - doing a spectral scan at reset and
then expecting traffic to work fails. You can certainly do it whilst
scanning and getresults across all channels, but the NIC goes deaf
pretty quickly. I need to modify the support so the 'at-reset' hack
will let calibrations finish before triggering the spectral scan.

Other than that - yes, it now works!

Thanks for poking me on IRC tj, I've been meaning to make this work
for a long while.

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