Since r313430, the one that removed the delay after fw loading, my iwm
device became unusable.
When loading the module, I get :
iwm0: <Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8260> mem 0xdcd00000-0xdcd01fff at
device 0.0
 on pci2
 iwm0: hw rev 0x200, fw ver 16.242414.0, address e4:b3:18:fb:f3:6a
 wlan0: Ethernet address: e4:b3:18:fb:f3:6a
 iwm0: iwm_post_alive: sched addr mismatch: alive: 0x817080 prph:
 iwm0: dumping device error log
 iwm0: Start Error Log Dump:
[dump available on request]
iwm0: iwm_intr: controller panicked, iv_state = 0; restarting
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: pending INIT -> SCAN transition lost
iwm0: failed to send bt coex configuration: 35
iwm_run_init_mvm_ucode: failed 35
iwm_init_hw failed 35
in a loop.

Reverting that particular revision fixes the issue for me.
I'm of course willing to act as a guinea pig, please let me know if
you need me to test anything.



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