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> hi!
> Ok! So there's already a driver, iwm, and hopefully slowly it'll grow
> 11n and 11ac support. Right now it just supports 11a and 11bg. I'm
> updating our driver to sync with dragonflybsd and hopefully that'll
> pull in intel 3160 support if it's not already working! The good news
> here though is you don't have to start from a blank slate as we
> already have a working driver. :)

Oh! That's pretty cool I guess.

> So, if you'd like to propose say, adding 11n and maybe 11ac to iwm,
> then I could be on board with that.

Could you kindly suggest me a reference to learn about the driver
development? The whole idea sounds great but I'm not sure how am I
supposed to start. I've only browsed the web (without much success)
and scanned through Kevin's rtwn-rtl8192eu.diff [4] (as one of the wifi
interfaces I use benefits from it). Or should my reading list consist m
mainly of what I can find in the FreeBSD source code?

> We'd want to check with the other
> maintainers though since they may have some plans too :)



[4]: https://people.freebsd.org/~kevlo/rtwn-rtl8192eu.diff
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