Hi team,

I'm toothe from the IRC channel. I hope you all are doing well :) Let me
tell you where I am in writing my code. In short, I am stuck and need

I created a copy of the rtl8192c code, and placed it here:

I zero'd out all functions and went one-by-one to replace them as
necessary. The section of code that I am stuck at is reading the EEPROM/ROM
from the chip. I backed into the ROM image for the first 222 bytes by using
the Linux source as documentation and created this: (
I read from the ROM, I basically get 500~ bytes of 0xFF - the first 10 or
so are set properly, suggesting that I am reading from the right memory
segment. Specifically, the first 2 bytes are 0x8129, which is accurate per
the Linux driver. But why is everything else coming up as 0xFF's?

I delved into how FreeBSD's rtwn and Linux's rtl8188ee drivers work. The
efuse code is very similiar, of course, but I do not understand the
reasoning for what is occurring. The main difference I found, so far, was
that the Linux driver will read from EFUSE_CTRL + an offset (1, 2 or 3),
whereas the FreeBSD driver does not use an offset.

This is where I am stuck. I would easily just change the code over to add
the offset on the FreeBSD code, but it is in sys/dev/rtwn/if_rtwn_efuse.c,
which is used by multiple drivers.

I am unsure what is wrong or how to diagnose it. Can you please provide me
some guidance? I have been stuck on this same issue for a little more than
a month.

Thank you!

Farhan Khan
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