Dear FreeBSD worker,

Thanks for giving a young future engineer a chance of working with a free
way to configure a router, I would love to use PfSense. PfSense is based on
the FreeBSD software, sadly FreeBSD doesn't support wifi cards that use
802.11ac. Since I would love to use 802.11ac, I maybe thought by contacting
the support I could get some help in regard of the subject.

As noted before I would love to use a 802.11ac wifi card for my wirless
networking on a PfSense router, as a card I thought of using the Asus
PCE-AC88 for a good quality. Sadly I couldn't find any proof of 802.11ac
card working on your platform. As a newcomer I would love to use it, but I
have no experience in advanced networking, since I used premade routers
with limited interfaces. I don't know if contacting FreeBSD works or if I
should contact PfSense since you may not be cooperating with each other and
have no influence on this matter.

At last, if you could help me that would be fantastic and a huge learning
experience, if not then I would like to thank you for spending the time on
reading my e-mail.

With best regards,

Stephen Goldebeld
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