Do you guys know if the "Adaptive" aspect on a FreeBSD wifi product is 
manageable ? 
For an ETSI compliance certification, on a FreeBSD wifi Access Point with 
Atheros AR9380 NIC, the certifying authority needs to know if the equipment is 
adaptive or non-adaptive. And if it's an adaptive equipment, if it has the 
possibility to switch to a non-adaptive mode. 

Regarding ETSI EN 300 328 V1.9.1 section 4.2.2, Adaptive could correspond to 
DFS ... which, on hostap mode, is not fully implemented ? 

I thought that adaptive was for auto-selecting modulation depending on 
Signal/Noise ratio. But now, i'm confused. 

However, it is my understanding that these aspects are operated by the Qualcomm 
HAL and therefore not manageable. I seek confirmation on this point. 

While I am on the subject, I wonder if the "Listen Before Talk" is Frame Based 
or Load Based. And again, is it operated by the HAL or an upper layer ? 


Valentin VERGEZ 
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