Thank you for the great work on broadcom's wireless cards.  I have a bunch
of BCM4321 and it works!!
In addition to the procedures that you described, I needed to compile
bwn-firmware-kmod to produce bwn_v4_ucode.ko and bwn_v4_n_ucode.ko on my
freebsd 11.0 release.
I am curious though why bwn0 keeps saying "RX dexryption attempted (old 0
keyidx 0x1)"
​and also, bwn0 is not shown with ifconfig...   ​my other wifi card,
AR242x, does show up as ath0 with ifconfig, so I was really surprised when
bwn0 began to work.  Is this normal?  I would like to learn more.  thank you

Warm Regards

Richard Yang
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