I just got a new laptop which I went to the trouble of testing hardware prior (worked afaict btw - FBSD11-RC3), but now in the light of day I have done the full install and now computer says no. The only diff I can tell is I used the iso for the test image, and now I used the memstick image - ce la vie.

What I need to know is that the various freebsd wiki pages for wifi mention the 9300's are different and work needs to be done for support, that -head should just work now, and the real kicker - it was updated about 3-4 years ago! So FBSD11 should definitely be considered a derivative of -head by now, right?

I'll also point out that it specifically mentioned a porting back to -9, so there's that also. This was in ath_hal/9300

Bottom line: so what's the status? And if it should be going, why isn't it?


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