Here's a pdf giving a decent overview:

But, the FreeBSD handbook also goes over the process as well.

For the guy that took Linux drivers, you might want to look into the Linux
Emulator, that would be the easiest path especially if those Linux drivers
includes a lot of Linux specific headers.

The NetBSD drivers should be a bit easier to port.


On Sat, Sep 2, 2017, 05:25 Thomas Mueller <> wrote:

> from Tecno Linux:
> > Hello, I have the source code of my wireless driver i extract it from the
> > linux kernel how can i compile that source code or i have another option
> my
> > wireless driver is a realtek rtl8723be wifi
> I have similar question, but the source code is from NetBSD and the
> wireless chip is Atheros AR9271.
> I also have similar question regarding Ethernet Realtek 8111E re driver,
> works in NetBSD but not FreeBSD (11.1-STABLE and HEAD) on computer in
> question.
> Is there online handbook/documentation on writing device drivers or
> porting from Linux or NetBSD?
> Tom
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