Hi all,

I have been trying to work on rtwn(4) for a little more than a year and a
half with very limited success. The device does not receive any interrupts
whatsoever and thus Rx fails. (Exception: it seems to receive a null
interrupt once every hour when idle). When I run "tcpdump -ni wlan0 -y
IEEE802_11_RADIO", FreeBSD will execute rtwn_set_promisc(), but fail to
receive anything. The device works on Linux, so this is not a hardware
issue. I have exhausted my options and have literally no what what the
problem is.

My code is located here: https://github.com/khanzf/rtl8188ee

Does anyone have any ideas what the failure may be? Specifically:
A) Is my initialization code even correct? If not, where is it wrong?
B) Why is the device not receiving Rx interrupts?

Unless anyone can determine *exactly* where the issue lays, I will be very
regrettably abandoning this project that I have spent a considerable amount
of personal time one.

Thanks and my apologies to send this upsetting email.

Farhan Khan
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