On 21.11.18 18:50, Volodymyr Kostyrko wrote:
On 21.11.18 18:29, Adrian Chadd wrote:
what's a channel survey give? is it on a very busy channel? Is there a nearby device?

# ifconfig wlan0 list scan
SSID/MESH ID                      BSSID              CHAN RATE    S:N  INT CAPS kyivstar 35(1)                    14:cc:20:b2:25:ad    1   54M  -91:-96  100 EPS  RSN BSSLOAD HTCAP WPS WME Max                               c4:e9:84:59:6a:fc    9   54M  -87:-96  100 EPS  RSN HTCAP WME ATH WPS

I'm on channel 6 right now. I'm not setting a channel, using rather chanlist 1-11.

Got back to it one more time and retested with different settings.

Works perfectly with "-ht".

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