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I am just performing an ICMP-echo to my gateway with the rtwn(4) driver. I have
determined that it's neither the 80211 stack nor the NIC because I get 0%
packet loss with DFlyBSD/OpenBSD and their urtwn(4) driver.

While performing the ICMP-echo with the gateway, I've captured a PCAP on the
gateway and the FreeBSD host; I see FreeBSD sending the ICMP-echo, and I see
the gateway receiving it and sending the ICMP-reply back. But on the
FreeBSD/12-RELEASE and FreeBSD/13-CURRENT host, the ICMP-replies are not
showing in the PCAP.

I am using an EDIMAX N150 (RTL8192CU) wireless NIC, as outlined in my usbconfig

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