On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:25 PM, Guy Antony Halse
> Hi
> We've recently been benchmarking FreeBSD on both VMWare ESX and Citrix
> XenServer, since we're trying to decide on an enterprise virtualisation
> product.
> Does anyone know whether the Xen paravirtualisation features being added by
> this project work with/are compatible with the Citrix's XenServer 5?  So far
> as I can tell, XenServer 5 is based on Xen 3.0 so I'm guessing not :(, but
> it would be interesting to know if anyone's actually tried this or had any
> experience with it.
> If I'm right about the Xen version, are there any plans to support earlier
> Xen versions?
> - Guy

Maybe this link will help you out, I do not think dom0 support is
being worked on atm
currently I am using NetBSD for Xen dom0


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