On 1 Dec 2008, at 18:45, Ivan Voras wrote:

2008/12/1 Doug Rabson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I will be working on improving Xen support in FreeBSD for the new few


months. My main goal is to add support for native Xen drivers to an amd64 kernel which is running in Xen's HVM mode. These drivers will take over from the slow emulated devices and provide most of the performance benefits of a paravirtualised kernel. I'm initially going to be supporting FreeBSD 6.x but
I will port it all forward to head and 7.x when it works properly.

For the not-quite-yet-initiated : does this mean you're working on
paravirtualized drivers for Xen dom-U ("guest" case)?

Sort of. The latest versions of Xen support something called HVM mode which allows it to boot a completely unmodified guest OS using emulated devices in a similar way to e.g. VMware Fusion. It is then possible to incrementally add Xen-aware paravirtualised drivers which can replace the emulated ones and which perform better. This is how they support Windows under Xen.

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