Mister Olli <mister.o...@googlemail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I've had time problems too. The clock did not go backwards, but forwards
> for some time sime, and then jumped back to a certain date. Like
> Sun Jan 25 00:55:12 UTC 2009
> ...
> Sun Jan 25 01:08:35 UTC 2009
> Sun Jan 25 00:55:12 UTC 2009
> Sun Jan 25 00:55:13 UTC 2009
> ...

This is almost exactly the date my box reports... Strange.

> It took me quite some time to find a solution that helped for me:
> - activate the independent_wallclock in domO by 'sysctl 
> xen.independent_wallclock=1'

I'll try to convince the admin of the box and report back. ;) But it
should really be properly fixed as it is quite a showstopper. I don't
dare to build ports on that box (or do anything else involving make...).

Julian Stecklina

Well, take it from an old hand: the only reason it would be easier to
program in C is that you can't easily express complex problems in C,
so you don't. - Erik Naggum (in comp.lang.lisp)
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