Tomislav Novak <> writes:

> Hello!
> I have set up Slackware Linux 12.0 as dom0 (Xen 3.3.1, Linux, 
> built from source) and I'm playing with FreeBSD as a domU.
> It's currently, due to some circumstances, not possible for me to
> install FreeBSD to a separate partition(s), so I'm using a file-backed
> VBD. Kernel and filesystem images are those from 
> and they work perfectly. However, the filesystem image contains only the
> basic stuff, and I need a few more packages (e.g. newer gcc version,
> X11 etc.). I don't have access to any other FreeBSD system so I can't
> copy necessary files, build 8.0-CURRENT etc. Is it possible to install
> FreeBSD from an installation media directly to the filesystem image on
> disk?

You could mount another file-backed disk and build CURRENT on that from
the provided image.

Julian Stecklina

Well, take it from an old hand: the only reason it would be easier to
program in C is that you can't easily express complex problems in C,
so you don't. - Erik Naggum (in comp.lang.lisp)

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