from what I can tell this is impossible since XEN needs to have access
to ring0 of the CPU which has the highest priviledge level. And there
can only be one kernel at a time.

I know that with VMware there's a thing like VMware ESX server in VMware
workstation (combination could be slightly different ;-)) possible.

I don't know that much about the XEN internas to say if it's possible to
modify XEN, so that something similar is possible.

I once tried building a XEN dom0 kernel under VMware workstation 6.0 but
the building process itself failed with some errors on APIC.

Mr. Olli

Am Montag, den 09.02.2009, 20:39 +0100 schrieb Julian Stecklina:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build a kvm (or VirtualBox) virtual machine to painlessly
> experiment with Xen on my 32-bit Linux laptop (Core Duo L2400 with
> hardware virtualization foo) or my 64-bit Linux desktop box (Phenom
> 8450). So far neither of the two manage to run Xen with either of the
> above mentioned VMMs. Has someone already done this or am I out of luck
> and have to get a real test box?
> Regards,

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