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> On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 07:42:24PM -0700, Michael David Crawford wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> Prgmr.com, Inc. (http://prgmr.com/) is a Xen-based Virtual Private 
>> Server hosting service.  We presently offer Linux and NetBSD DomUs, and 
>> would like to offer FreeBSD as well.
>> I've been asked to help get FreeBSD to work under Xen.  My understanding 
>> is that FreeBSD can be gotten to boot as a DomU, but doesn't work reliably.
>> I'm an experienced programmer, but not at all with FreeBSD.  The closest 
>> I've come to FreeBSD work is the Mac OS X kernel, which is in part based 
>> on FreeBSD.  I also used to work with the old BSD-based SunOS, many 
>> years ago.
>> Other than being eager to help, I don't even know where to start.  Of 
>> course I will need to learn FreeBSD kernel programming, but I don't even 
>> know where to start with that.
>> Perhaps someone could give me a little hand-holding until I know my way 
>> around the source tree.
> I suggest the best route for the start would be to pick a bug and
> start analyzing it. Then, you can ask and get answers on the concrete
> questions you would have with the code. Note that for the general
> questions, not specific to the Xen bits, hackers@ or current@ may
> be the better forums due to wider audience.

The time jumping problem may be a good candidate, as it is quite a
showstopper for me and at least some other people.

Julian Stecklina

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they start making vacuum cleaners - Ernst Jan Plugge

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