I've put up a recent FreeBSD-current Xen DomU image at
http://people.freebsd.org/~adrian/xen/ .

* the image is a gzip'ed 512meg filesystem installworld/distribution
install, around 208 mb.
* it includes the grub bootloader info (/boot/grub/menu.lst); a basic
/etc/fstab w/ root on "xvd0" and swap on "xvd1", and the xen console
(xc0) in /etc/ttys.
* The config file in that directory (freebsd-current.sxp) works for
me. It assumes one network interface and two block devices on LVM -
one for root, one for swap.

You should be able to just dd the image into an LVM slice or modify
the configuration to use a file (tap:aio IIRC), then "xm create
/path/to/file" . "xm console" will give you a working console.

Bonus points to you if you then figure out the magic required to boot
it to single user mode to run "growfs", then "tunefs -n enable" to
enable softupdates, with the requisite fscks and reboots to make sure
things stay consistent. I'll document that later.

I'm working on DomU releng_7 and releng_6 images at the moment but I'm
stuck with a buildworld issue and a kernel panic, respectively.

Have fun;

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