Robert Watson wrote:
On Sun, 24 May 2009, Ed Schouten wrote:

* Adrian Chadd <> wrote:
* Modify the xenconsole driver to attach to ttyv0 (via a kernel environment variable) so /etc/ttys doesn't need modifying (but this may confuse tools that assumes /dev/ttyvX == syscons.)

Please don't. Someone on IRC told me Xen also has some framebuffer feature. Say, someone would port syscons to Xen, the naming would conflict with the console device node. /dev/xc0 is good enough. I even think it should have been called ttyx0, not xc0.

Given that there will be increasing levels of support for "pass-through" hardware access in virtual machine environments and a trend in the direction of virtualization-friendly hardware, we shouldn't preclude the possibility of something a lot closer to syscons working inside of Xen in the future. This means we should leave the syscons device names open so that syscons can claim them if desired.

HVM mode already supports "pass-through" with syscons working in it.
That is orthogonal to the discussion of supporting the native
virtualization features of Xen.

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