I've just written up a wiki page which links to the images that I'm toying with.


My build script is there; there's also notes on what I've done to make
a base build/install work as a DomU and how to call makefs to build an
initial image. It should be enough for people to bootstrap a
FreeBSD/Xen DomU to evaluate.

I'm currently trying out the freebsd-6.3-release image that I've built
and it is currently uploading for others to test out. It seems
slightly more stable than the freebsd releng_6 image. FreeBSD-current
is stable except for a repeatable VM page bug which I'm looking at
(but Kip will almost certainly beat me to it) and I as of yet haven't
successfully built a releng_7 xen image.

I hope this has taken all of the mystery out of bootstrapping a
FreeBSD/Xen DomU. :)


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