On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 11:55:57PM +0800, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> 2009/5/24 Paul Schenkeveld <fb-...@psconsult.nl>:
> > Thanks a lot!  Nice to see all that recent activity on FreeBSD dom0!
> FreeBSD DomU you mean? :) There's no FreeBSD dom0 support.

Yes of course.  (or was it widhful thinking?)

> > This all shows that getting a dom0 up and running can be a challenge if
> > you're not Linux literate.  Are there any more detailed resources on the
> > net about "getting your first dom0 that's capable of running FreeBSD domU
> > up and running for newbies"?
> Yup!
> The way is simple:

> * grab centos 5.3, i386 edition (i've not tried the 64 bit stuff)
> * you uncheck all the package groups except "base", including "dial up
> networking" and "text" internet
> * (this means you only need CD 1, not all 6.)
> * Install the base system
> * reboot, make sure everything is fine, run "yum update", fiddle with
> things as needed
> * Then "yum install xen"
> * make sure /boot/grub/menu.lst is set to boot xen automatically.
> That is basically it ;) There's other stuff to do (such as figuring
> out how to drive their networking scripts) but the default "bridged"
> eth0 is perfectly fine for basic testing.

> I had trouble with my recentish intel desktop motherboard(s) - I had
> to boot the installer and normal kernel with 'acpi=off' but -not- boot
> Xen with that.

Which board model(s)?  I've just installed Solaris on a DP35DP with Q6600
core-2 duo and 8GB RAM.  Works nice (except for USB-legacy making the
keyboard useless during boot).

> Adrian

Thanks again for the great work on Xen!

-- Paul Schenkeveld
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