2009/5/25 Paul Schenkeveld <p...@psconsult.nl>:

> <would_be_nice_if_this_were_on_the_freebsd_wiki>

I was going to document my Xen server setup later on, including some
information from my testing.

To summarise - RHEL/Centos seem quite happy(!) on the xen 2.6.18
kernel whilst backporting drivers; others have forward ported Xen.
I've had all kinds of weird crap happen with Debian/Ubuntu. Fedora
Core has been trying to forward port stuff too and integrate it all
into the paravirt ops framework so I think their dom0 support has been
busted until very recently.

I'll dump this into the Wiki when I get time.

>> I had trouble with my recentish intel desktop motherboard(s) - I had
>> to boot the installer and normal kernel with 'acpi=off' but -not- boot
>> Xen with that.
> Which board model(s)?  I've just installed Solaris on a DP35DP with Q6600
> core-2 duo and 8GB RAM.  Works nice (except for USB-legacy making the
> keyboard useless during boot).

I don't recall off-hand; I'll look at my documentation later and put
it in the Wiki.

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