2009/5/31 Mister Olli <mister.o...@googlemail.com>:
> Hi,
> I just had the time to upgrade my domU to r193943 and it fixes some bugs
> I've seen before in my setup:

> - scp'ing the kernel file to the dom0 instance hanged after transfering
>        ~ 1MB of data and did not finish. This now works perfect. I
>        hadn't got the time to test larger network transfers.


> - clock jumps fully disappeared for me. I can do a complete 'make
>        buildworld' without any interruptions due to the time jump, even
>        when I'm not using ntpd within the domU.

Good! The time will still drift a little until a hypervisor wall clock
sync occurs (mostly due to a large enough change to the dom0 time);
I'll investigate that later. I'm curious to know exactly how Linux
DomU's manage to keep in lock-step with the dom0 time.

> Great work Adrian. This really brings domU support forward.
> Btw. do you know if there's already a PR for the reboot problem in xen
> domU's?

I'm not sure. Please just create one; duplicates are better than nothing.

> For me the domU does not reboot (shutdown -r ) properly and hangs after
> the shutdown process is complete.
> Normal shutdown (shutdown -h) works like a charm.

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