2009/6/11 Mister Olli <mister.o...@googlemail.com>:
> Hi Mukosi,
> great to hear that the workaround did work for you also. I hope the
> developers will disable TSO by default in the xn driver (if it is
> possible ;-))

Its possible, but TSO related crashes should be fixed rather than
patched around.

> I'm currently running 8-CURRENT on svn revision 193636 but I started
> around 5 months ago testing 8-CURRENT as PV domU and I started building
> the domU using vmware and then transported the disk image via DD onto my
> xen box.
> This way is quite complex. IMHO the easiest way (at the moment) is to
> start off with the xen images adrian is providing for download
> (http://wiki.freebsd.org/AdrianChadd/XenImages/) as you're then able to
> build your own system as you like it.

:) Thanks.

I'll hopefully get some time next week to investigate the other
netfront related crashes and see if I can make the driver more

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