Kip isn't the only one that is interested / can do the work. I'm happy
to do the work - but it'll take me significantly longer to grok the VM
system and piece together the Xen "behaviour".

I've talked to a few people in private about what it would take to get
the port together.

* Initial work to bring -head's Xen support back to scratch -
primarily AFAIK a lot of SMP/PMAP attention
* backporting that to 8-stable
* the decision that Xen should be supported, and enough support
showing up to make it happen; then
* enough ongoing support and developer interest in keeping it up to date.

Personally, I'd love to spend more time working on the Xen stuff but
finding and doing paid work has to take priority at the moment.


2009/8/22 Randy Bush <>:
> count me in for a few hundred.  two things needed, someone to gather the
> cash and kip to show willingness.
> randy
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