Luke S Crawford wrote:
I could also scrape up some cash. (unfortunately, my own budget isn't as flush as it was a few months ago, when I tried to set one of my friends on the project.)

That friend would be me (no relation).

I'm afraid I didn't get very far at the time, in part because I had a lot of trouble coming to grips with Xen, and because I had never done any FreeBSD kernel programming before.

I would be happy to continue with the work as a volunteer. I'd like to actually contribute some real code so as to finally earn all the money Luke paid me.

I've been reading McKusick's book on The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System. It is very good; I expect I will be able to do some meaningful kernel hacking once I finish reading it.

I gave up on Xen entirely for a while, as I had intended to use it for a project of my own but just couldn't get it to do what I need. But the Xen kernel and Linux Dom0 continue to be actively developed, so I'm intending to give it another try.

I do have experience with kernel and driver programming on Mac OS X and with embedded systems. I am also a wizard at debugging - I was once on a team at Apple that specialized in fixing the most difficult bugs in the Classic Mac OS. I have also done a lot of storage and FireWire work.

I have a Core 2 Quad Xeon box that runs Fedora 11, as well as a Core 2 Duo box that Luke lent me, that runs FreeBSD CURRENT. My intention for that box has been to learn FreeBSD kernel hacking by fixing some of the existing bugs on real hardware. That's just a step in the process of learning how to hack FreeBSD's DomU support.

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