"Sam Fourman Jr." <sfour...@gmail.com> writes:

> > what about the tap: driver and friends?  qcow:?    (these are issues
> > I will need to figure out)   LVM snapshots are so slow that I find them
> > unsuable, so I'm not really losing much by moving to the tap: driver
> > (granted, I am pushing my disks to the limit.  lvm snapshots work fine if
> > your disks are lightly loaded and/or faster than mine.)
> If I can ask, how does Prgmr.com allocate disk space to domu's? qcow?
> also does anyone know if a NetBSD 5 or CURRENT dom0 can migrate domu's
> between 2 NetBSD Dom0's ?

right now, production is Linux, and uses LVM.  I believe live migration works
with NetBSD5, but shared storage is required for live migration, and good 
reliable shared storage is out of my price range.  

> Migration and ZFS is what I am waiting for NetBSD to have.

Zfs does look pretty nice;  I've been looking at building a ghetto san
out of some supermicro chassis and FreeBSD or OpenSolaris, and exporting
iscsi LUNs backed by zfs, but I haven't done that yet, and even after
I do that, it will be a long time before I trust it.  

(SANs can be nice, but they are also deadly.   a fibre-channel san in an
open rack was the cause of much of prgmr.com's instability from 2005 through
2007.  Local disk is the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable option.  
Shared storage gets you flexibility, but can't match, dollar for dollar,
the fast, cheap and reliable of mirrored local disk, which is why most of
the larger hosting companies primarly run off local disk.)
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