> My 9-CURRENT XEN box periodically panics on intensive net load, for
> example on doing csup ports. Previously I was using 8-STABLE, and kernel
> panics too, but currently I can't provide a report for this.

Hmm, my 8stable doesn't even start (old P4 hardware, vanilla debian lenny 
x86), where both 8.0rel and 9 do (all images were created on the same 
buildbox...). My 9 also crashes, it's quite reproducable with csup. I 
still need to compile the latest xen manually, maybe things are already 
fixed up.

But now a more household question: do we need to report crashes here, or 
should we file a PR ? And in which category are we expected to dump 
backtraces ? I would opt a new category called 'xen' 8-)

Any insight would be helpful. This specific dev box will be taken into 
use (jail server, because xen doens't prove to be ready as of yet) soon, 
but I have an, even older hahaha, box ready to continue fiddling with 
xen exclusively.

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