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   celebrating sin!

   "Enjoy the passing pleasures of = sin..."
   Hebrews 11:25
   I'll bet you didn't know the Bible said THAT!&= nbsp; Go ahead, look
   it up!  See!  I told ya!  It's just = another way of saying the motto
   that "everyone of consenting age in any l= and knows,"
   "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."<= /b>
   As I sit here re-reading the article fro= m the USA Today Newspaper*
   whose entire premise is the celebration of sin= , I weep for the
   United States of America.
   T= he slogan is seven years old now, the article tells me,
   The key moment came in 2004
   when Laura Bush ap= peared on the
   Tonight Show after a Sin City visit.
   Jay Leno ask= ed if she'd seen the
   Chippendales male strippers.  Her
   re= sponse, worth more than $1
   million in advertising;
   "Jay, what h= appens in Vegas,
   stays in Vegas."
   "There are no rules here," gushes one sati= sfied customer.
   "Nowadays, visitors may feel let down if they ha= ven't done what they
   wouldn't do back home," proclaims the marketing = director of a "sin
   club" where clients pay $400.00 per hour for..."sin."<= br />
   "The city's mayor, a former defense lawyer for gangsters," sob= erly
   laments that, "The real estate market is in the dumps, but he thi= nks
   new attractions, such as the downtown Mob Museum-due in fall 2   011-will 
lure visitors."
   Ahh, the celebration of sin.=   By now, I trust that many of you are
   aware that the Bible verse a= t the top of the page? from Hebrews
   11:25?  I took it completely ou= t of context!  Did you look it up?
   Well, ho= w 'bout ending with a couple of Bible verses that are
   completely "in" con= text:
   "There is a way which seems right
   to a man,= but its end is the way of death."
   Proverbs 16:25
   "The wages of sin is death."
   Romans= 6:23
   Always has been...Always will be.  Now there's a sl= ogan for ya'.
   *quotations taken from, The USA Today newspa= per, Friday, November
   12, 2010. p.5D.
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