On 12/17/10 01:29, Robert Watson wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Dec 2010, Aleksey Ovcharenko wrote:
>> Any plans of using ZFS there?
> I don't know about Amazon's live disk resizing policy, but at least in
> our local Xen deployment of FreeBSD at Cambridge, ZFS seems like the
> sensible thing so that we can do live disk resizing during provision of
> VMs through cloning.

Amazon EBS doesn't allow disks to be resized -- this is something I asked for
a long time ago, but I'm guessing it isn't something a very large number of
people are demanding.  Of course, with EBS you can always create a new volume,
sync everything across, then destroy the old volume[*]; so it's not as large
a problem as on a local Xen deployment where the amount of disk space you have
available might limit your ability to temporarily duplicate everything.

[*] In theory, at least.  Last time I tried I got a FreeBSD kernel panic when
I detached an EBS volume from a running instance.

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