Do you use "stock" Xen or the Debian bundled one? However I'd suggest that boot from local disk (usb is also good) and use nfs only for guests. I'd also suggest that try 3.4.3.

If you could boot CURRENT and 8-RC2 on that, at least try it, it would help a little imho.

Martin Cracauer wrote:
FWIW, I have a Xen 4.x install on a Phenom II now and I can give out
accounts on there if it helps the cause.

BTW, did anyone succeed in making a Xen 4.x install with a
Debian/squeeze dom0 go through a diskless PXE boot? I can't use the
same kernel that works on local disk since it doesn't have root_nfs.
All my attempts to compile that very kernel with Debian's own config
and sources ends up with the "screen goes blank after Xen messages
when entering dom0 kernel" syndrome which indicates to me I am missing
some Dom0 support in that kernel.  But the precompiled one works.

Also, previously I had problems that the Xen scripts connecting the
DomU via an Ethernet bridge would intermittently disconnect the
physical Ethernet connection.  Which in the case of a diskless machine
stopped that very script ;-)

Anyone got any tips here? Not use Debian would be a way I suppose.
What do you guys have for Dom0?
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