On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Martin Cracauer wrote:

> I anyone able to run a amd64 FreeBSD guest in the Xen-4.0 that ships
> with Debian-Squeeze? Dom0 is Debian's Xen kernel.  Hardware
> is a Phenom II.

My all test configurations are different...

> I get a sig11 in xend.
> I compiled XENHVM on FreeBSD-9.0-current as of Jan 10.  I am using
> this Xen config file just to test booting the kernel:
> kernel = '/home/xen/boot/freebsd-amd64-90current-2011019-kernel'
> memory = '256'
> name = 'freebsd'
> builder = 'hvm'
> (the builder= line is required, otherwise the python script doesn't
> recognize the kernel as a valid kernel)

...but my understanding is that with HVM mode you normally have:

kernel = "/usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader"

...(or similar) and the kernel gets loaded by the normal boot loader
which is launched by hvmloader from the virtual machine's disk. In
PV mode (builder = 'linux' which is the default) the kernel is
loaded with the "kernel" configuration line unless py-grub or similar
is in use.

I am not sure if this is the cause of your problem though, but your
configuration might create an environment which is not suitable for
the HVM kernel to run. Note that amd64 XENHVM kernel is a HVM kernel
(similar to GENERIC) with just additional support for XEN-specific
PV drivers while the VM otherwise runs in HVM mode.

PV kernel is only available for i386 (XEN kernel config file). That
kernel should be loaded as you do now, but with "builder = 'linux'".

Does it make a difference if you boot your VM from a normal (GENERIC
amd64) installation ISO, install the system as usual to a virtual
hard disk and then install the XENHVM kernel there? You will need
to use VNC console briefly during installation until you can switch
to using serial console.

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