Hi guys,

Is anybody else using HAST or ggate/gmirror within Xen DomU's? 

I'm experiencing dreadful performance (sync throughput less than 1MB/sec) with 
both replication options, and am not quite sure how to troubleshoot that, 
because the network speed between two DomU's is otherwise well beyond 50MB/sec. 

Logfiles and dmesg don't give any pointers, tcpdump looks clean (no bouncing 
packets, wrong order etc), no collisions or packet loss either (according to 

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Test setup:
2x FreeBSD/amd64 8.2-RC2 (compiled about a week ago), XENHVM kernel (with 
Janne's patch).
Both DomU's are running on the same physical machine (CentOS 5.5 x86_64 with 
Xen 4.3.3 on Intel i7), their NICs are using the same isolated bridge on Dom0.



Carsten Heesch

mob: +44 7889 129998

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