On Sun, 30 Jan 2011, Nick Sayer wrote:

> I have 8.2-RC2 + the netfront patch and a XENHVM kernel. I note
> that I wind up with both ums0 and psm0, but it turns out neither
> appears to work. My VNC console works for text video and keyboard,
> but trying to run a moused for either device doesn't result in the
> text console mouse pointer moving. Mouse clicks do appear to do
> something, however. I don't ever see the psm device show up in the
> vmstat -i output, FWIW.

I do not use a mouse much with Xen myself and have not had issues
with it when I had to, but in the past people have reported a lot
of issues with Xen and broken mouse. The solution for some people
seems to be to use a tablet emulation instead of mouse. Google for
"xen tablet". I do not know if FreeBSD has the corresponding driver
and moused support, but it might be worth checking out.

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