On 1/25/2011 6:30 PM, Janne Snabb wrote:
> (I wish there was a bit more comments in the non-obvious parts of
> the code. Now it is difficult for a FreeBSD/Xen PV newbie to work
> on it without intimate knowledge of the history of the odd bits of
> the code. It clearly needs more care than what it is being given
> now. Things like the "do something useful" panic also indicate that
> there is no more than few people who actually play with and try out
> the code currently.)

Xen use models in our community are quite varried and that is reflected
in the relative stability and quality of the different areas of FreeBSD's
Xen support.  In my day job at SpectraLogic, we rely heavily on FreeBSD's
amd64 HVM Xen support, but only for serving block storage.  While we've
invested heavily in the PV driver framework and the blkback driver (and
to a lesser extent blkfront), we haven't done much to netfront since it
is not a road block for developing our product.  There are only so many
hours in the day... :-) It seems that the use of Xen in FreeBSD is
increasing, so I'm hopeful more folks will step forward to improve other
areas of our Xen support.

I sympathize with your desire for more code comments to make it easier to
ramp up on Xen.  Unfortunately, there is little documentation about Xen
other than the "Linux reference implementation", and it is usually quite
terse in the comments department.  I've done my best to improve this
situation in the areas on which I've worked.  Hopefully others will do
the same and perhaps even give netfront the rewrite it deserves.


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