On 18 February 2011 16:40, Hugo Silva <h...@barafranca.com> wrote:

> I haven't tested with high vcpu counts, but in this particular VM, it's been
> running happily with 2 VCPUs and no noticeable problems. No panics,   no
> noticeable performance problems (after the tso fix) and certainly not the
> famous 'time went backwards' problem.

No such luck here; I've just tried an amd64 machine (8-STABLE from
today) in a new installation of XenServer 5.6 and while the GENERIC
kernel works stable enough, the XENHVM kernel produces all kinds of
timer-related problems, accompanied by messages like:

Feb 18 23:20:03 xbsd kernel: calcru: runtime went backwards from
28669021884109 usec to 22622950 usec for pid 11 (idle)

The difference between 28669021884109 and 22622950 is huge! It almost
looks like a memory corruption.
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