It normally is done by sending the shutdown signal via the xenstore..

However something has to be listening for the signal in the guest in order
for this to work(then it initiates shutdown).

I'm not sure FreeBSD has anything listening on the guest side.

On 23 April 2011 22:59, Florian Heigl <> wrote:

> Hi David, thanks for your reply.
> 2011/4/23 David Markey <>:
> > ACPI shutdown can be done via the QEMU process.
> > It should be listening on a control pipe where you can tell it to
> shutdown.
> I don't really understand that:
> If you do a xm shutdown <domU> then I'm quite sure that Xen does send
> the right commands to a PV/HVM domU or is it in fact not something
> FreeBSD specific and doesn't work for any guest OS on HVM domU?
> I remember that i.e. the windows GPLPV drivers have a device driver
> that is used to trigger the VM shutdown.
> So I'd think this is an issue where I gotta do something on the domU side.
> But maybe we're talking different things :))
> Florian
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