On 05/24/11 17:16, Sean Bruno wrote:
> I've made some significant progress on the freebsd.org xen hosting
> machines (no dom0 support yet, but I'm working on it).
> I've installed a netbsd-current dom0 and the 3.3.2 xen hypervisor on
> xen1.freebsd.org and started up a freebsd-current DomU with the XENHVM
> kernel installed.  I've attached the dmesg and the xen config for
> "xen2.freebsd.org" to this message.

NetBSD now has Xen 4.1 too. Recently committed patches have enabled HVM
guests to properly detect phy: storage. See recent port-xen (netbsd) for
more information.

If you're on NetBSD -current and not using LVM, keep in mind that's an
option too -- even though presently, renaming/destroying lvs doesn't
work (bin/44947).

> I've been crashing the hypervisor pretty reliably by setting the DomU to
> use multiple CPUs.  Not sure if this is a Xen or NetBSD thing, but for
> now i'm leaving vcpus set to 1.

> 1.  How do I switch the networking vif entry to use the netfront xn0
> driver instead of emulating a e1000?

If using XENHVM, you should see a xn0 interface on ifconfig output. Just
setup networking there instead.

By coincidence you're also using NetBSD as the dom0, please let us know
if you hit the same problem I did (see my recent post on this list).


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