On 05/25/11 12:55, Janne Snabb wrote:
> On Tue, 24 May 2011, Sean Bruno wrote:
>> I've installed a netbsd-current dom0 and the 3.3.2 xen hypervisor on
> Why such an old version? Wouldn't it make sense to use 4.1?

Xen 4.1 is a very recent package on pkgsrc, and the other alternative
(pkg) is 3.3.2.

>> 1.  How do I switch the networking vif entry to use the netfront xn0
>> driver instead of emulating a e1000?
> Change:
> builder='hvm'
> to:
> builder='linux'
> Note that you need to define the kernel also and load it from dom0
> (unless you are using some PV capable loader which understands
> FreeBSD file systems... I don't know if such a thing exists & works).

Does this work with 9-CURRENT/amd64? I'm under the impression you can't
boot a 8.X/amd64 in full PV mode. Did it change in current?

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