On 05/29/11 14:11, K. Macy wrote:
> Just to verify, other guests (e.g. Linux || NetBSD) don't exhibit this
> problems? It sounds almost as if xend isn't configuring the domain
> properly.


I'm not sure about Linux but a NetBSD 5.1 PV domU works fine. Others are
running Linux PV on NetBSD afaik.

Maybe http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=143340 is the same
issue? (it may be of interest to note that pr is still open - maybe the
patch does work and one less pr to worry about :))

I do get "packet corrupt" until txc and rxc are disabled, with both off
then the xn_txeof warning is logged and the ssh connection seems to hang.

Couldn't apply the patch in the link, the text appears to be mangled. I
tried to correct it, but no luck.
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