I'm giving 9.0 a spin here. So far so good! With the exception of this
one thing;

With a NetBSD dom0, the FreeBSD HVM+PV domU (7.x, 8.x, 9.0-BETA1)
behaves strangely in the network; trying to ssh to it from my laptop yeilds:

Bad packet length 3737169374.
Disconnecting: Packet corrupt

Disabling TSO, RXCSUM and TXCSUM on xn0 results in:

)$ ssh %domU_ip
load: 0.53  cmd: ssh 3101 [select] 0.48r 0.01u 0.01s 0% 4248k
load: 0.53  cmd: ssh 3101 [select] 0.66r 0.01u 0.01s 0% 4248k
load: 0.53  cmd: ssh 3101 [select] 0.83r 0.01u 0.01s 0% 4248k

And on the console of the domU:

xn_txeof: WARNING: response is -1!

NetBSD (5.x, -current), Linux and OpenIndiana PV domUs work as expected.

What could be the cause?

Keep up the good work on the OS!

Best regards,

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