On 08/06/11 07:17, Robert Watson wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Jul 2011, Sean Bruno wrote:
>> Doesn't make a lot of sense here, but building with the i386 XEN
>> kernel config yields the following boot up in PV mode.
>> Odd ... it looks like i386/XEN needs:
>> options         NFSCL                   # New Network Filesystem Client
> Yes -- in general, I consider the existence of a XEN configuration that
> isn't derived from "include GENERIC" to be a mistake.  However, there's
> a somewhat tricky balance in terms of enumerating device drivers, etc. 
> Someone(tm) needs to sync the XEN kernel to GENERIC before we ship to
> make sure it's generally in line, but in the long term it will remain a
> maintenance problem.

I don't think XEN should be derived from GENERIC as it currently exists; there
is an awful lot of stuff in GENERIC which doesn't make any sense to have in a
PV environment.  Maybe if GENERIC was split into separate "physical" and
"logical" sets of options (so that XEN could suck in stuff like nfs without
having drivers for hardware it will never see) the problems would be less?

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