Hi All,

What is the most stable and performant way to run freebsd 8 as xenhvm domu in 

I decided to build my own mfsbsd(with CUSTOM=1 BUILDKERNEL=1 BUILDWORLD=1 
KERNCONF=XENHVMHOO) with a fresh cvsup of freebsd-8-stable in /usr/src.
I created my own kernel conf file XENHVMHOO in /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf
and changed the modules_override option to

makeoptions     MODULES_OVERRIDE="zfs opensolaris ntfs ext2fs"

for zfs-support

Any recommendations for other changes in kernel conf file?

Are there other patches available which are not in cvs tree of 8-stable?

I'd rather use 8.x-release, is there a patchset for 8.x-release containing 
xen-relevant-patches only?

What serious bugs are known and left in 8-stable? Are Patches available?

I want to use fbsd-domu to have raidz zpool from 4 dom0 phy: - disks(2tb 
wd-re4-gp) and do file services and iscsi from that.

Iscsi exports are imported in dom0 used for other domu's.
At most I need nfsv3-FileService. I'll play around with samba from ports too to 
test interoperability with a 2008r2 ad at work possibly (including 
zfsacl/winacl/ricacl - tests).

I've seen a bug report back in january somebody having troubles with 
iet-iscsi-target-port in domu. Is this resolved?

Which is the most stable implementation of iscsi-targets(in domu) at the moment

iet or istgt?

FreeNAS still uses istgt, why? Under Linux People are more convinced with IET 
(as far as I know, correct me, if I'm wrong)

Are there other kernel-based implementations for iscsi-target (planned) - like 
lio or scst on linux or comstar on solaris-based os's?

What about performance of iscsi-target(iet or istgt)(in domu) under fbsd8. I 
believe it cannot be too bad because freenas provides iscsi-target support. Any 
counters on that?

Again, for this use scenario any known bugs?

I'd love to test something making freebsd run more stable as a xen-domu. I have 
a recent machine running xen at home with a bit free cpu and ram. They run 
mostly 24/7 so I can do longer tests too.

Best regards

Holger Fischer
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